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Browse our community of Articulate Storyline Mentors to find the right one for you. Search a range of mentors with skills that can provide mentoring, advice, training, and consulting services. You can search for experts with specific skills. Expert skills include instructional design, template design, audio synchronization, animation, triggers, variables or learn now new skills with online through screen share, video and voice communication, and text chat.

Mentors are live now to talk to you on video chat, or screen share with Storyline Mentors for expert help

Once you sign up, you can connect with Storyline Experts immediately. Ask a question or explain your specific need directly to Storyline Experts and let them help you fix a problem, show you how to complete a task, or have them complete a task for you. Whether you need a mentor, support, training, or an expert freelancer – connect live and our Storyline Experts can help you.

Payment is easy – for Live Mentoring, Training, and Support Services

Storyline mentors can help you right now. You can talk, video chat, screen share with experts live. Ask for advice, help, through live demonstrations, and video examples, and only pay from what you need. We have tools to help you learn and communicate – with screen share, video communication, file management, and secure payment.

Find the right Storyline Expert.  Browse Storyline Experts profile, connect with them and discuss your project or requirement.
Communicate live with your Expert. Connect with your expert live for and discuss your project and access your Storyline Expert’s qualifications, thought process, timeline, and overall cost.
Ask Questions. Determine the Storyline Expert best suited for your requirement and create a Contract Request.

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Each project includes an online workspace shared by you and your Storyline expert. This allows you to:

Communicate Live. Use video chat, screen share, or text to learn or get support.
Send and receive files. Deliver digital assets in a secure environment.
Share feedback in real time. Use StorylineExpert Messaging System to communicate by text, voice, or screen share.

Secure Payment for approved tasks

Experts provide fixed-payment milestones, use our escrow service to release funds as milestones are completed.

Includes Payment Protection. Only pay for work you authorize.
Invoicing and reporting. Access your invoices and transaction history on our reporting system.

Why choose us

In short – we love Storyline! StorylineExperts is committed to helping clients connect with Articulate Storyline Experts that can provide help with directly online. Our goal is to personalize the expert relationship where ever you are in the world. With communication tools that can help you leverage the true skills and creativity of our experts through video, audio, and screen share.

Our long experience building eLearning experiences helps us to select great experts that can help with the most challenging projects. Whether you need mentoring or direct help with project development we have experts to meet your needs.

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Connect with experts and create Storyline projects in multiple languages.

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Invoicing is super easy. Pay for only what you need.

Scalable Team

Connect with a variety of Storyline experts and bring the best skill sets together in one place.

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Our experts are available in various time zones and speak multiple languages.

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